U.S. Planning to Attack Iraq

(May 7, 2002)

On April 28, the New York Times reported that the Bush administration is developing plans to wage war against Iraq in 2003.

Officials said the plans include a largescale air campaign and the deployment of as many as 250,000 U.S. troops.

A similar report in the Washington Times on April 26 stated that U.S. commander Gen. Tommy Franks "wants to do a Desert Storm II," and that the Navy and Air Force are generating plans for using up to 1,000 sorties, or air strikes, daily over Iraq.

On April 19, a report by the Washington-based Center for Defense Information also confirmed that the "U.S. Central Command already has the basics of a major campaign put together...and the United States will probably launch an offensive against Iraq" in the Spring or Fall of 2003.

In preparation for this war, the U.S. is preparing public opinion by claiming once again that Iraq is building "weapons of mass destruction" and by demanding that Iraq allow international arms monitors into the country. Despite the fact that repeated studies have already shown Iraq to be incapable of producing such weapons, the reports all reveal that an attack by the U.S. will be based on the pretext of "locating and destroying Iraq's weapons of mass destruction." One U.S. intelligence official recently stated "the White House 'will not take yes for an answer,'" meaning that the U.S. is planning to deliberately provoke a crisis to justify its war.

The U.S. is stepping up its propaganda because it knows there is increasing worldwide opposition to any U.S. attack against Iraq. Aside from Britain, no significant contribution of allied forces is anticipated in the Pentagon's new war plan. Over the last several months, people throughout the world have come into the streets in opposition to U.S. military intervention and war. Many governments have warned specifically against any U.S. aggression against Iraq.

U.S. imperialism's plan has not yet been realized, but we must take seriously these new threats. We must remain alert and oppose any and all U.S. military actions against Iraq.