Low-Level War Against Iraq Intensifies

In recent days, U.S. and British jets have intensified their attacks against Iraq in the "no-fly" zones. On Saturday August 25, U.S. and British planes attacked a mobile early warning radar in southern Iraq, and on Monday August 27, allied pilots bombed a surface-to-air missile site in northern Iraq. On the same day, Pentagon officials confirmed that Iraq downed a U.S. Air Force unmanned reconnaissance aircraft

On Tuesday August 28, more than a half-dozen US and British strike aircraft, which included American F-16's and British Tornadoes, accompanied by more than a dozen jammer and other support planes, carried out attacks against two military command targets in southern Iraq. The Iraqi News Agency reported that two civilians were killed as a result of the air raids in the village of Al-Ahrar. Two days later on Thursday August 30, Four US Air Force F-16 fighter jets attacked a radar site at Basra airport.

Violating Iraq's sovereignty, the US and Britain have arbitrarily imposed "no fly zones" on the country and regularly bomb both military and civilian targets.

The US wants to keep the Persian Gulf in a state of tension and war in order to keep its troops in the region. Tens of thousands of US troops are permanently on alert in the Gulf and over the last 10 years the US has extended its network of military bases and alliance in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and elsewhere.

The American and world's people demand an end to US aggression against Iraq and an end to the sanctions. We demand an end to US militarization of the Middle East and demand the immediate withdrawal of all troops.