Stop U.S.-British Aggression Against Iraq!

April 1, 2003

The following article is reprinted from "The Worker," newspaper of the Workers Party , USA.

As the aggressive war launched by the U.S. and Britain against Iraq enters its third week, the Pentagon admits that it is facing stiff Iraqi resistance. Bush is sending an additional 120,000 troops into combat, bringing the total to more than 200,000.

Already, U.S. forces have used uranium-tipped artillery shells, dropped "bunker buster" bombs weighing 4,700 pounds each on Baghdad and killed and wounded thousands of Iraqi civilians. Already hundreds of U.S. soldiers -- the sons and daughters of the working people -- have been sacrificed as cannon fodder in the war.

These savage methods reflect the character of this war which the U.S. capitalists are waging for oil and empire.

In every way, this is an aggressive war which tramples underfoot international law and the sovereignty of countries. This is an imperialist war which aims at taking over Iraq. It is a war waged in opposition to the expressed will of the peoples and governments of the world.

And the Bush administration has repeatedly declared that it intends to use its occupation of Iraq as a base to extend U.S. domination throughout the Middle East. On March 28, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld threatened to spread U.S. aggression to Syria and Iran.

The invasion of Iraq is one link in a global war; within the last 18 months, the U.S. has occupied Afghanistan, escalated counter-insurgency wars in the Philippines and Colombia and is preparing a possible invasion of North Korea.

These wars show that the world is at a turning point.

On one side, the U.S. capitalists and their reactionary allies have launched a "war against terrorism" which they say will last for decades. Bush has declared that every country must accept U.S. domination and dictate or face the possibility of "preemptive strikes." U.S. imperialism is resorting to war to grab more of the spoils of colonialism, to redraw the world map in the U.S. image and force a new division of spheres of influence and economic territory.

This war program, in turn, is intensifying all the contradictions inside our country. The capitalists are militarizing the economy, robbing the public treasury and further attacking the economic rights of the workers all along the line. The government is increasing its arbitrary police powers, criminalizing political dissent, attacking civil liberties and democratic rights, attacking immigrants and national minorities.

Anti-War Perspective

On the other side, the peoples of the world are rising up against war and imperialism. Hundreds of millions of people have already come into the streets to brand U.S. imperialism as the aggressor.

In the U.S., tens of millions of people have already come into the public arena to demand an end to the war.

To carry this struggle through and win the peace, the people must strengthen their independent, anti-imperialist movement. Our struggle must be tenacious and steadfast. Already, people can see that all of the capitalist parties and institutions -- the Republicans, the Democrats, the monopoly-controlled media, etc. -- are diehard supporters of war and imperialism.

The people can only rely on their own efforts and organizations. We must continually bring ever-wider sections of people into the public arena and fight to stop the war. We must build up our own anti-war, anti-imperialist organizations. We must bring our agenda to centerstage: we demand an end to U.S. aggression, the withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad, an end to the militarization of our country.

We must strengthen the worldwide union of the peoples against war and imperialism and aim at creating that new world of peace and friendship in which the sovereignty and rights of all peoples are guaranteed.