Iraqi People's Liberation Struggle

by Michael Thorburn

June 16, 2003

Every day the news from Iraq includes stories of mass demonstrations against U.S. occupation and reports of armed attacks against U.S. troops by Iraqi liberation fighters.

The PR-men of the Bush administration are at their wits' end trying to explain away the nationwide resistance of the Iraqi people. They have fallen back on a variation of the tired refrain of "communist subversion" by talking about "looters," "foreign infiltrators," "Islamic extremists," and "remnants of the old regime."

This propaganda is a continuation of the Big Lie that Bush bombed and occupied Iraq to "liberate the people" and that U.S. troops would have flowers strewn at their feet by the grateful Iraqi masses. According to the chauvinist axioms of U.S. imperialism, the Iraqi people are incapable of dealing with their problems and ruling themselves. Like the slave-traders, the U.S. imperialists claim that they are enslaving the Iraqi people in order to save them. Thus, of course, imperialism can never explain or admit that the people are revolting against their liberators - that the Iraqis are not only determined to end U.S. occupation but are more than capable of organizing themselves and fighting for liberation.

Yet the very way in which the U.S. military responds to the Iraqi resistance again exposes that imperialism's target is not a few "extremists" or "outsiders" but the Iraqi people themselves. The monopoly-controlled media admits that the U.S. troops are afraid of the dark, afraid of passing motorists, afraid of the children. The U.S. high command hates and fears the Iraqi people because it knows they are rising against the occupation. And in true Hitlerite fashion, U.S. imperialism is relying on the tactic of collective reprisals, searching whole neighborhoods, blockading cities, carrying out mass roundups, torturing and killing civilians, etc.

The Iraqi liberation struggle, regardless of what twists or turns it may face, will once again teach the U.S. imperialists what they do not want to learn - that neither the guns nor lies of the colonialists can conquer the peoples.

In these days, when U.S. imperialism is trying to impose its "new world order" of fascism and war on the peoples, the Iraqi resistance reminds us that the masses of people are the motive force of history. The oppressed and colonized peoples are fighting for liberation and these struggles demand the support of all who hold democracy and humanity dear.