Editorial: Growing War Danger

November 10, 2002

On October 8, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution demanding that Iraq accept a new program of weapons' inspections. The resolution imposes a series of onerous conditions which blatantly violate the sovereignty of Iraq.

The resolution is a direct result of U.S. bullying and pressure against other countries and, despite the fact that the resolution in no way condones military action, the Bush administration intends to use the resolution as a pretext and justification for war.

The war which the U.S. government is preparing against Iraq will be an aggressive, imperialist war. Rather than freeing the region of "weapons of mass destruction," such a war will take a tremendous toll on the peoples and create new bases for U.S. militarism. The U.S. goal is to re-colonize Iraq and assert itself as the sole superpower in this strategic and oil-rich region.

In this situation, the American people, side-by-side with the people of the world, must step up their struggle.

The path to peace in the Middle East is the path of struggle against U.S. imperialist interference and aggression. It is the path of ending the brutal economic sanctions imposed on Iraq, the path of forcing the withdrawal of all U.S. and foreign military forces, the path of recognizing all the sovereign rights of Iraq.

No War Against Iraq!

U.S. Imperialism, Out of the Middle East!