New Israeli Military Attacks

November 6, 2006

On Friday, November 3, the Israeli military opened fire on a rally of Palestinian women in front of a mosque in the town of Beit Hanun, Gaza. Two women were killed and 10 others wounded.

The women were rallying against an Israeli military order demanding that all men between the ages of 16 to 45 come to a local stadium. Elham Hamad, a Palestinian woman who attended the protest, told Aljazeera: "We were confronted by a tank, and we raised a white flag [but] without any warning they started shooting at us."

The next day, Israel continued its offensive, code-named Autumn Clouds, by bombing Beit Hanun and nearby villages, killing 8 Palestinians. Two rescue workers were amongst the dead.

Operation Autumn Cloud began on Wednesday, November 1 when Israeli tanks stormed Beit Hanun, killing 7 Palestinians and wounding 35. On Thursday, 11 more people were killed, including a 75-year old man.

At the same time, Israeli troops are occupying towns and villages throughout the West Bank and increasing their attacks against the people. For example, on November 3 (the same day as the murders in Beit Hanun), Israeli forces killed a Palestinian youth in the Balata refugee camp, injured 2 residents of Bethlehem, including a 70-year-old woman and arrested a leading government official in Ramallah.

Over the last 4 months, 270 Palestinians, half of them civilians, have been killed by Israeli forces.