U.S. Imperialists Commit Aerial Espionage Against North Korea

The following is reprinted from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), September 1, 2003

The U.S. imperialist warmongers committed aerial espionage against the north of Korea on more than 170 occasions in August by strategic reconnaissance planes and command aircraft based overseas and strategic and tactical reconnaissance planes based in south Korea, according to military sources. Around 08:00 on August 29 U-2 high altitude reconnaissance plane took off the U.S. Air Force base in south Korea and made shuttle flights between east and west for a long time in the sky above the Military Demarcation Line, photographing the depth area of the north and committing electronic espionage, which numbered nearly 30 in a month of August.

Around 15:47, on August 21 when the aggressive Ulji Focus Lens military joint exercise was at its height, overseas-based RC-135 strategic reconnaissance plane and E-3 command aircraft flew for a long time in the sky above the East Sea of Korea, committing electronic and photography espionage on the whole of northern Korea. Such espionage was conducted from about 21:00 on August 13 to about 01:00 on August 14.

Meanwhile, 11 RC-12 and RC-7B tactical reconnaissance planes continued to fly in the sky above the Military Demarcation Line day and night on August 26, 8 each on August 8 and 25 and 7 each on August 5 and 22 to spy on the front line of the north and the major objects in the east and west coastal areas.