High Vigilance Against U.S. War Moves

Reprinted from the Korean Central News Agency

Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article underscores the need to be well aware of the truth that though it responds to dialogue or negotiation the nature of imperialism to invade, dominate and subordinate the other country cannot change at all and make full preparations with high vigilance to cope with any circumstance and unexpected emergency. Referring to the fact that the U.S. bellicose forces are saying that the U.S. may conduct such military operation as that in Iraq anywhere anytime, justifying its Iraqi war, the article goes on:

It is obvious that the U.S. would mount a surprise war of aggression, state terrorism against any countries of the world.

For the army and the people to get ready for a war is an important guarantee decisive for their victory and defeat in the war.

What is important is that they should not be captivated by a pacifistic mood.

If one is captivated by a pacifistic mood under the present situation in which the acute confrontation with enemies is going on, he may do great harm to the security of the country and the nation and the destiny of the revolution.

It is evidenced by the Iraqi situation.

Iraq gave no heed to war preparations, captivated by a pacifistic mood contrary to the requirements of the prevailing situation with no thinking that the U.S. could really commit an invasion.

First of all, it failed to take a measure for arms buildup.

It accepted the inspection of weapons without objection. . . That was a big mistake....

Saying that the arms guarantee peace, the article notes that only when the army and people reliably defend their posts with keyed-up and mobilized attitude can they frustrate aggression and war moves of the imperialists, defend the sovereignty and peace of the country and successfully push ahead with the revolution and construction.