U. S. "War Games" in Korea

March 27, 2006

U. S. military forces in South Korea are holding their annual "Foal Eagle" war games from March 25-31.

The "Foal Eagle" exercises involve the transfer and deployment of huge numbers of U.S. military forces and include a simulated "pre-emptive" attack against North Korea. Tens of thousands of U.S. and South Korean troops, accompanied by hundreds of U.S. fighter aircraft and naval warships, will take part in the exercise.

The Foal Eagle maneuvers come at a time when the Bush administration is issuing provocative threats against North Korea, calling for possible economic sanctions and refusing to rule out military action.

Such behavior is a flagrant violation of the agreements reached at the 6-party talks, which were held last year to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. At those meetings, a joint statement was adopted which stipulated that both sides should solve issues based on the principle of mutual respect and peaceful co-existence.

Such military exercises are another demonstration of the highly provocative actions taken by the U.S. in recent months, and reveal once again that the U.S. military forces in Korea remain the number one source of war and conflict on the peninsula.