Lebanese People Defend Their Sovereignty — Grave Dangers Remain

August 28, 2006

The Lebanese people have dealt the U.S.-Israeli aggressors an important setback even as they continue to confront the grave danger of renewed attacks.

For 34 days, the U.S.-Israeli aggressors rained their bombs and missiles on Lebanon, targeting the entire population. More than 1,100 Lebanese, mostly civilians, were killed. Thousands were injured. One million people were forced to leave their homes. Entire towns were destroyed as well as a large part of Lebanon's infrastructure - hospitals, schools, ports, bridges, roads, etc. The U.S.-Israeli high command hoped to intimidate the people and force them to capitulate.

Despite these genocidal attacks, Israel's ground invasion was beaten back by the people. The U.S-Israeli aggressors have not achieved their goal of occupying southern Lebanon. Nor have they been able to bring the Lebanese government to its knees and impose a client regime on the country. The aggressors had hoped to eliminate Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance, but the resistance has withstood the attacks. The people are more united than ever, determined to defend their sovereignty.

While the Lebanese are successfully defending their country, the situation remains extremely dangerous. The Israeli aggressors have yet to withdraw their troops and have carried out repeated ground and missile attacks since the August 14 ceasefire. In flagrant violation of Lebanon's sovereignty, Israel maintains a naval and aerial blockade of the country. Both the U.S. and Israeli governments keep threatening the Lebanese resistance and are trying to find a way to dictate their terms to the country.

Israel's defeat in Lebanon is a defeat for U.S. imperialism and its entire so-called "war on terrorism." U.S. imperialism had hoped that its proxy, the Israeli state, could take control of Lebanon and use it as a base to extend its war plans throughout the region - to intimidate Syria and Iran and tighten a vise around Iraq.

Not only is Lebanon standing up but throughout the Middle East and the world, there is a new upsurge against U.S. imperialism and its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere. The people of the whole world salute the Lebanese resistance which has thrown a spoke in the wheels of the U.S. war machine, slowing the march of the fascist empire.

But again, incalculable dangers remain. The wars continue and will continue because U.S. imperialism will remain a ferocious enemy of peace and freedom as long as it has a single tooth in its head.

The struggle in Lebanon again reminds the peoples of the great lessons of history. It reminds us that the people, not imperialism, are the decisive force. The U.S.-Israeli aggressors have the most sophisticated arsenal in history and never stop boasting of their military "invincibility". But the Lebanese have again proven that a small country can defeat any aggressor when the people are determined to defend their freedom and sovereignty.

The tide is turning. Everywhere - in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine, in North Korea and Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia, in the U. S., Europe, and Africa - the peoples are struggling and organizing themselves against imperialism and its aggressive wars.

As long as we continue to fight and organize ourselves, nothing can stop the peoples. Peace, national sovereignty, liberation and emancipation will be ours.