Huge Anti-War Protest in London

November 23, 2003

On November 20, as many as 400,000 protestors rallied and marched in the streets of London, England.

The protest was the culmination of a series of city-wide protests during U.S. President George Bush's state visit to London from November 19-21.

Despite a massive and unprecedented mobilization of thousands of British police throughout the city, huge throngs of demonstrators marched past the British parliament and Downing Street for a rally in Trafalgar Square where they cheered the toppling of a giant papier-mache Bush effigy. The main focus of the demonstration was opposition to the war in Iraq as well as the so-called "war on terrorism."

The march took almost two hours to clear its starting point at the University of London, according to eyewitnesses. One member of the British parliament commented "This is the largest march on a midweek day that this country has ever seen -- it is absolutely overwhelming."