Further Militarization of Outer Space

April 23, 2005

Later this year, the Pentagon will test a new unmanned space craft which along with a new "space plane" are intended to give the U.S. military the ability to "crush someone anywhere in the world in 30 minutes notice with no need for a nearby air base." (quoted from John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military think-tank which advises the Pentagon). This plan was confirmed by recent Congressional testimony give by General Lance Lord, commander of the Air Force's Space Command, who said the new space vehicles will give the Pentagon "incredible capability to provide the warfighter with a global reach against high payoff targets."

These new space weapons are part of "Plan Falcon" which is expected to be operational within 5 years. "Plan Falcon" is based on the government's "national defense strategy" which calls for U.S. military dominance of outer space to "enable us to project power anywhere in the world from secure bases of operation."

This ever-growing militarization of outer space stems from U.S. imperialism's strategy of preemptive war and absolute military superiority. This reliance on military force is at the core of U.S. capitalism's drive to expand its world empire and enforce its domination over the entire world.