U. S. Extends War Into Pakistan

March 12, 2007

In the wake of Vice-President Cheney's visit to Afghanistan in late February, U.S. military commanders revealed that they are "routinely" extending the war into Pakistan.

Lt. General Douglas Lute told the Senate Armed Services Committee on March 1 that U.S. forces on Afghanistan's eastern border routinely fire upon and pursue the "enemy" into Pakistan. "We have all the authorities we need to pursue, either with (artillery) fire or on the ground, across the border," he told the committee. He elaborated that such cross-border battles are waged "when faced with a hostile act, or anyone demonstrating hostile intent.. We do not have to wait for the rockets to be fired. They have demonstrated hostile intent and we can engage them."

Other U.S. army commanders admitted to AP reporters recently that the U.S. frequently fires artillery rounds into Pakistan during "intense" border skirmishes.

The fighting in Pakistan is resulting in many atrocities. On March 4, for example, over 50 civilians were killed and wounded by US troops on the road between Jalalabad and Pakistan after an attack on a U.S. military convoy. In January, U.S. helicopter gunships fired missiles into Pakistan villages, killing over 18 people. Other attacks inside Pakistan have recently been carried out by U.S. Predator drone aircraft.