Palestinians Mark Land Day

April 3, 2004

On March 30, Palestinians in Israel as well as in the occupied West Bank organized activities to mark Land Day.

The purpose of Land Day is to protest Israel's ongoing expropriation of Palestinian land. The first land day was organized in 1976 and attacked by Israeli troops who killed six Palestinians.

This year, demonstrations and other activities were organized in Galilee and other areas inside Israel as well as in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nablus, Tulkarem and across the West Bank.

This year's activities focused on opposing the Apartheid Wall which Israel is building in order to carry out the de facto annexation of 45% of the area of the West Bank.

For Your Information: Israel's Apartheid Wall

Israel is building a 450-mile wall which will wind across the West Bank.

The Wall is 8 meters high and includes armed watchtowers as well as a 30-100 meter buffer zone with electric fences, trenches and wire mesh.

98% of all Israeli settlers will be included inside the Wall and these settlements will be de facto annexed to Israel.

Through the Wall, Israel will expropriate 45% of the land of the West Bank. Palestinian villages and cities will be separated from each other into isolated cantons, thus undermining the possibility of creating any economically viable Palestinian state. 275,000 thousand Palestinians in 122 villages and towns will live in closed areas, surrounded by the Wall. Many other towns will be separated from their adjacent farm land and water sources.