Support For the Palestinian Struggle
Protesters march in Amman, Jordan on Tuesday April 2, 2001.
Thousands of Egyptians demonstrate against Israeli actions against the Palestinian Authority near Cairo University, Tuesday April 2, 2002.
Thousands of people march in Dearborn, Michigan Monday, April 1, 2002, to protest U.S.-Israeli military aggression. Signs and banners called for the United States to withdraw support for Israel. Over a thousand demonstrators turned out for a rally in downtown Chicago on April 1. Protestors marched to the Israeli embassy where they called for an end to the aggression and support for an independent Palestinian state.
Palestinians protest over the Israeli incursion into Palestinian territories during a demonstration in the West Bank city of Hebron, Saturday March 30, 2002 Over ten thousand march against Israeli aggression in Paris, France on March 30, 2002. The placard reads:" Sharon, the butcher, murderer."