Oppose U.S.-Israeli Aggression!

The AINS vigorously condemns the continuing Israeli repression and violence against the Palestinian people.

Since September 28th, Israeli troops have killed over 250 Palestinian people, and wounded more than 8,000, in the occupied territories. In direct violation of signed agreements, the Israeli government has sent soldiers and tanks into areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority, opening fire on civilian demonstrators with live ammunition and shelling residential buildings and facilities. Israeli helicopter gunships are terrorizing Palestinian villages throughout the West Bank while carrying out officially-sanctioned assassinations of Palestinian leaders.

In blatant violation of internationally accepted standards of human rights, the Israeli army continues to impose a total siege on the entire West Bank and Gaza. Such "closure" of the occupied territories prevents necessary medical supplies from reaching injured Palestinians, and makes it impossible for the critically-wounded to reach hospitals and needed medical attention. Gaza airport is closed, and Israeli troops and tanks are preventing tens of thousands of Arab workers from crossing the border and traveling to work. In numerous villages throughout Gaza and the West Bank, Israeli bulldozers are carrying out "sweeps," destroying Palestinian agricultural lands and demolishing Arab homes. At the same time, Israeli paramilitary settlers are launching murderous, nighttime raids, assassinating Palestinian leaders, terrorizing the population, and destroying Arab property.

This violence is being condemned by nations and by progressive public opinion throughout the world. In early October, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1322 (2000), condemning the violence and excessive use of force by Israel. During the last six weeks, millions of people throughout the world have participated in demonstrations and rallies opposing the zionist aggression and supporting the Palestinian struggle for self-determination.

In the face of such condemnation by governments and people throughout the world, however, the U.S. continues to throw its full support behind Israeli zionism. In mid-October, the U.S. Congress approved $4.1 billion in military and economic aid for Israel for the coming year, and on October 25th the U.S. Congress passed a nearly-unanimous special resolution to "express its solidarity with the state and people of Israel at this time of crisis."

Thus, nobody should be fooled by the attempts of the U.S. government to paint itself as the "honest broker seeking peace" between the Palestinians and Israel.

Peace in the Middle East requires an end to U.S.-Israeli aggression and occupation and recognition of the sovereign rights of the Palestinian people including the right to their own independent state.