Brutal Aggression in Palestine

Last week, U.S. imperialism officially extended its "war against terrorism," authorizing its client-state of Israel to wage full-scale war against the Palestinian nation.

Israeli missiles and bombs are falling on civilian populations as well as the official government offices of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The Bush administration is openly threatening to overthrow and destroy the Palestinian Authority and demanding that it repress its own people.

In fact, since September 11, the U.S.-Israeli aggressors have used the "international war against terrorism" to seek a "final solution" to the "Palestinian problem." Their aim is to dismantle the PA or at least eliminate any vestige of its sovereignty, destroy any and every organized base of the Palestinian liberation struggle. This would pave the way for Israel to extend its settlements and occupation of the West Bank and put the whole Palestinian nation directly under military rule.

Just as in Afghanistan, Bush and Sharon try to justify their brutal aggression in the name of fighting "terrorism." But while all democratic-minded people denounce isolated acts of individual terror, this can never justify the organized state-terror and genocide of the U.S.-Israeli aggressors. In fact, the root problem in Palestine is that the U.S. and Israel refuse to recognize the sovereign right of the Palestinian people to live in their own independent state in their historic homeland. Rather, the state of Israel has been founded on the blood of the Palestinians and zionist settlements continue to annex and colonize the Palestinian homeland.

In the face of this settler-colonial movement backed by U.S. and world imperialism, the Palestinian people have been waging a national liberation struggle to regain their sovereign, national rights. This just liberation struggle has been recognized by all of democratic world opinion; support for the Palestinian liberation struggle is matter of principle and a touchstone of the struggle for de-colonization, democracy and peace in the world today.