Israel Continues War Against the Palestinian People

The Israeli military continues its assault on the Palestinian people. The past week saw the most savage attacks by the Israeli military in recent memory.

Saturday March 9 -- Israel staged four air strikes in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, bulldozed homes and shot dead three Palestinians in and around refugee camps. The army also detained an estimated 250 Palestinian men for interrogation in the Tulkarem refugee camp in the West Bank. It was the second straight day of mass detentions in Tulkarem. On both days, Israeli troops ordered all men, ages 16 to 40, to report to a girls school in the refugee camp for questioning. Israeli soldiers pointed rifles at the men as they walked through the streets holding their hands over their heads.

Friday, March 8 -- Israeli forces killed 39 Palestinians in battles which raged for hours in a Gaza village and two West Bank refugee camps, with Palestinians coming under heavy machine-gun fire from Israeli tanks and helicopters. "The sky was raining with bullets from all directions," farmer Hatem Abu Teir said of the Israeli assault on the Gaza village of Khouza, where 16 Palestinians, including a general, were killed. 108 Palestinians and 36 Israelis have been killed in the past week.

Thursday, March 7 -- Israeli troops backed by tanks and aircraft invaded two Palestinian refugee camps. 13 Palestinians were killed. Helicopter gunships launched two missile strikes at Nour Shams as the troops moved in, and five Palestinians were killed in the air attacks and fighting.

Monday, March 4 -- Israeli forces raided Palestinian refugee camps, killing 19 people. The Israeli army also opened fire on a Palestinian ambulance near the scene of fighting in Jenin, killing a doctor and wounding three medics.