U.S. Talks "Peace" but Wages War Against Palestine

(March 17, 2002)

Once again, U.S. imperialism is trying to present itself as a "peacekeeper" seeking a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Bush has sent retired marine officer, Anthony Zinni to the region to seek a "ceasefire" and a negotiated "solution." The U.S. administration has even criticized Israel's wholesale killing of civilians.

What utter hypocrisy! For the last several months, the U.S. government has openly endorsed Israel's military offensives in the West Bank and Gaza and repeatedly attacked the Palestinian people for fighting in defense of their rights and homeland. For 50 years, the Israeli aggressors have waged war and extended their occupation of Palestine precisely through the all-around military, economic and political support of U.S. imperialism. The U.S. relies on Israel -- the "51st state" -- to project its military power in the strategic and oil-rich Middle East. Israel is U.S. imperialism's base of operations against the Palestinian liberation movement and against the anti-imperialist struggles throughout the Arab world.

But precisely because this U.S.-Israeli aggression has failed to extinguish the Palestinian struggle, Bush is again employing the counter-revolutionary dual tactics of talking peace, while continuing the war. Bush hopes that his imperialist diplomacy will divert and slow down the Palestinian liberation struggle, giving Israel needed breathing space to maintain and consolidate its occupation.

Today, as in the past, all the "peace" proposals and propaganda of U.S. imperialism demand that 1) the Palestinian people end their resistance to Israeli aggression and occupation and give up their struggle for national liberation; 2) deny the Palestinian people the right to a genuinely sovereign state on their historic homeland.

But just as the people cannot be vanquished by the tanks and planes of the U.S.-Israeli aggressor, they will not give way to the blandishments and deception of imperialism.

The only solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is through the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The path to such a state is the path of struggle not only against Israeli aggression but also against U.S. imperialist intervention and interference.