Palestine Will Win!

(March 5, 2002)

by Bill Foster


The title of this article may seem unlikely to some readers when every day brings news of more atrocities carried out by the Israeli aggressors.

- February 27-28, Israeli tanks and gunships attack two refugee camps in the West Bank killing at least 18 Palestinians, wounding 130 and destroying 10 homes.

- February 21, Israeli tanks blow up the Voice of Palestine radio and TV headquarters and kill at least 6 Palestinians in Gaza.

- February 17-20, at least 39 Palestinians killed and more missile attacks launched on the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority.

And behind the heavily armed Israeli aggressors stands U.S. imperialism -- the world's sole military superpower. Indeed, all the armaments, the weapons of terror and mass destruction -- are in the hands of the enemies of the Palestine. In this regard, the war in Palestine is a war in which only one side is armed.

Yet, this is not the first time that the Palestinian people have faced the onslaught, the genocide, of Israeli zionism and U.S. imperialism. They faced it in 1948 and again in 1967. They faced it in Lebanon. In the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinians have lived under fascist occupation for nearly 40 years.

In 1948, the Palestinians were dispersed as a people and their national homeland was usurped by occupiers. For decades, the imperialists and zionists tried to erase the very words "Palestine" and "Palestinian." But the Palestinian people have not disappeared. In fact, under the very thumb of the occupier, the Palestinians have continuously rebuilt the institutions of their nation -- their cultural institutions, their mass organizations and political parties, even their own government. All the efforts of the people -- those under occupation and those in exile -- are concentrated on one goal -- liberation and the reclaiming of their sacred national rights. Is not this proof enough of the indomitable spirit and struggle of the Palestinians? Are not the Palestinian youth, who with bare hands and stones go up against the Israeli tanks, proof enough?

The Israeli aggressors, along with their U.S. imperialist masters -- like all the fascists throughout history -- will go down to defeat because they have pitted themselves in opposition to the people. Their cause is the cause of occupation, colonialism and genocide. It will not pass.

On the other hand, the invincibility of the Palestinians comes from the necessity, the humanity, of their cause. They are fighting for national salvation and liberation, for their very life as a nation and people and nothing will prevent them from victory.


With an endless stream of propaganda, the monopoly-controlled media, along with the U.S. government, try to turn truth upsidedown, continually portraying the Palestinian people -- the very victims of aggression, colonialism and terrorism -- as the "terrorists."

This Hitlerite propaganda again shows the weakness of imperialism and zionism. This propaganda is a vain attempt to erase the ever-growing consciousness of the people of the whole world, including the American people. Over the years, as the Palestinian people have fought for their liberation, the American people have learned about the history and truth of their great struggle. Everyday, more U.S. workers and activists come out in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle.

The Palestinian people isolated and surrounded by official public opinion, facing the aggression and fascism of U.S. imperialism, the empty words and treachery of so many "official" friends, must know that the American people, like peoples everywhere, do and will stand with them. Palestine's history again teaches the peoples that liberation will not come from U.S. imperialism and its collaborators. But this history also reminds us that the peoples' liberation struggles will always win the support of the oppressed and downtrodden everywhere.

The American workers and people not only support our sisters and brothers in Palestine but thank them, from the bottom of our hearts, for their enormous contribution to the struggle of all humanity against imperialism and for progress and liberation.

The Palestinian struggle is a call to the conscience of all -- for the American people it is an inspiration and a demand that we redouble our struggle against U.S. imperialism, the real aggressor and occupier of Palestine.