Israeli War Against the Palestinian People

(April 17, 2002)

As Secretary of State Colin Powell completes his trip to the Middle East, there is no end in sight for the Israeli invasion of the West Bank.

The most recent Israeli military operation began on March 29, when Israeli troops invaded Palestinian cities in the West Bank. Today, Israel remains in Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, and numerous other cities and towns in the West Bank. Most of these cities have almost round the clock curfews and remain closed "military zones" which are sealed off from the outside world. Israeli troops used tanks, bulldozers, and helicopter gunships to push their way through Palestinian cities and towns and destroy the entire infrastructure of these areas including homes, police stations, power lines, electrical generators, and water pumping stations. Israel has also systematically worked to "uproot" all Palestinian institutions, including governmental offices, schools, political organizations, etc.

Since the start of the operation, there are 170 confirmed dead and 424 injured as a result of the Israeli invasion. The Palestinian Authority expects this number to grow dramatically -- to at least 500 -- as rescue crews work in the different refugee camps and cities.

Israeli troops also conducted house-to-house searches and arrests of Palestinian men. Since the offensive began on March 29, the Israeli army confirmed that it had arrested 4,258 Palestinians.