War Against Palestine

(April 2, 2002)

Israel, with the full backing of the U.S. government, has launched an all-out war against the Palestinian people.

In the early hours of Friday, March 29, Israeli tanks invaded the city of Ramallah, and bombarded the headquarters of Yasir Arafat. Since then, Israeli tanks, armored vehicles, and infantry troops have invaded numerous other cities and towns throughout the West Bank, and fierce battles are underway.

Over 30 Palestinians have been killed and scores more have been wounded in the fighting so far. Hundreds of Palestinian people have been arrested in house-to-house searches conducted by Israeli troops, and water and electricity has been cut-off in many areas. In the towns of Bethlehem and Ramallah, heavy gun battles are raging and Israeli troops are confronting stiff resistance from the population.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has officially declared "war" against the Palestinians, while threatening to expand the offensive and to keep Israeli tanks and troops in the newly reoccupied territories for "a long time." He is calling for Yasir Arafat's exhile, while systematically arresting and murdering many other Palestinian leaders.

Clearly, Israel has decided to destroy and liquidate the struggle of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian Authority. Sharon is determined to wage war and to destroy the entire political, economic, and social organization of the Palestinian people. He aims to subjugate, by the use of force, the Palestinian people to Israeli zionism and its sponsor, U.S. imperialism.

U.S. President Bush fully endorsed and backed the Israeli offensive, stating on March 30 that "Israel is a democratically elected government, and the government is responding to the will of the people for there to be more security, and Israel will make the decisions necessary to defend herself." While giving Ariel Sharon the "green light" to attack, the U.S. is at the same time demanding that the victims of this aggression, the Palestinians, give up their struggle and their demand for an independent state.

The American people and all progressive-minded people throughout the world must condemn the fascist terror of the Israeli government and U.S. imperialism. We must stand in support of the Palestinian people and their just struggle for self-determination and an independent state.