Israel Continues War Against Palestinian People

The state of Israel, backed by the U.S. government, is continuing its war against the Palestinian people.

On March 30, the Israeli Army killed six Palestinians and injured 130 others in cities and towns across the West Bank and Gaza. On Wednesday March 28, Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles in Gaza and Ramallah, setting ablaze buildings and cars and knocking out electricity. The air strikes, targeting security forces for Yasser Arafat, caused the death of two civilians. The number of people killed since the start of a Palestinian uprising six months ago is 461. 392 Palestinians and 69 Israelis.

In addition to stepping up repression, including the use of death squads to seek out Palestinian leaders, Israel has revoked work permits and other passes which allow Palestinians to move through Israeli controlled areas and into Israel. The Israeli army has set up roadblocks throughout the West Bank and Gaza to prevent people from moving between the patchwork of areas administered by the Palestinian Authority.

Economic activity and farming have been severely affected leading to serious food shortages. Farmers are often not allowed to get to their farms or take produce to market. The Red Cross reports that a normal trip to a hospital that takes half an hour could take up to three hours as a result of roadblocks. As a result of the Israeli blockade, 1 in 3 Palestinians lives below the poverty line and unemployment has risen from 12% to 40%.

Turning truth on its head, Sharon and Bush are again claiming that the problem is "Palestinian violence and terrorism." Sharon has halted negotiations over the formation of a Palestinian state and, along with the U.S. government itself, brazenly turned its back on its own commitments.

On March 20, during his trip to Washington, D.C., Sharon told Israel's Army Radio that "There is complete American agreement and understanding that we cannot surrender to violence and terrorism." And George Bush, in a March 27 press conference, said "The signal I am sending to the Palestinians is stop the violence," Bush said. "I hope that Chairman Arafat hears it loud and clear."

But, as the whole world knows, the state of Israel and its sponsor,

U. S. imperialism, are the real terrorists. It is Israel which is bombing Palestinian towns and killing Palestinian children. It is Israel which occupies the land of Palestine and prevents the people from realizing their inalienable rights to independence and state sovereignty.

The American people must continue to stand side-by-side with the indomitable Palestinian people who are fighting for national salvation and liberation. We stand with them by opposing U.S. imperialism and its support for Israeli aggression.