Occupation and Resistance in Palestine

May 4, 2003

On Friday, May 2 more than 50,000 Palestinians in Gaza City joined the funeral procession for 13 Palestinians (including a 2-year-old toddler) who were killed by Israeli military forces in a raid on Thursday. The marchers vowed to continue the struggle against occupation until victory.

The Israeli raid included more than 60 armored vehicles backed by helicopter gunships which shelled the Shajaiya district of Gaza City for 15 consecutive hours. In addition to killing 13 people, the Israeli military burned at least 20 houses and destroyed the water system in the area.

Also on May 1, Israeli forces, backed by 25 tanks and Apache helicopters, opened fire on the Gaza town of Rafah, forcing residents to leave their homes. In the West Bank, the Israeli occupying army imposed a curfew on Bethlehem and abducted eight Palestinians.

At a time when the Bush administration is talking about its "road map" for "peace," the facts on the ground in Palestine tell the real story. The facts show that Israel -- financed, armed and commanded by the U.S. government -- is not only continuing its occupation but carrying out daily massacres -- a real genocide against the Palestinian people. But the facts also show that the Palestinians will never be cowed but will continue their just struggle for their national rights and liberation until final victory.

The only way that peace can come to the region is through the end of Israeli occupation and the establishment of a genuinely independent Palestinian state.