Renewed Israeli Aggression and Occupation

[June 21, 2002]

The U.S.-backed Israeli aggressors have again invaded Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel's strategic plan is to reoccupy areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA), expropriate and colonize more Palestinian land and further destroy the infrastructure of the PA and Palestinian society.

On Wednesday, June 19, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon declared that Israel aims at "capturing Palestinian Authority territory" ...and that "these areas will be held as long as terror continues. Additional acts of terror will lead to the taking of additional areas."

Within one day of Sharon's statement, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) deployed hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers to occupy Palestinian areas in Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jenin, Tulkarem, Hebron and Qalqilya. Residential areas were bombed; hundreds of Palestinian men and boys rounded up and imprisoned; curfews were imposed, etc. In several areas, Israel has begun building facilities for stationing a long-term occupationist army. At the same time, Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles on the Gaza Strip, injuring at least 13 residents.

Yet despite, the technological and military "superiority" of the Israeli aggressors -- who are armed to the teeth by the U.S. government -- the Palestinian people are again heroically resisting this latest invasion. In many areas, Palestinian fighters rushed to defend the population and fight the aggressors. In other areas, mass demonstrations are being organized. The Palestinian Authority issued an official statement declaring that Israel's "escalating, dangerous aggression and brutal attacks against our people will never bend the Palestinians or force them to surrender to the Israeli dictate."

Side-by-side with its renewed invasion, Israel has begun construction of 220 miles of fortified fences inside the West Bank. The fence is designed to further segregate and surround Palestinian population centers, isolate East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank, and bring even more Palestinian land under the direct control of the IDF and Israeli settlements.

This latest Israeli aggression not only has the green light from the U.S. government. It is U.S. imperialism, which all along, has been the architect and organizer of Israeli aggression and colonialism. It is U.S. imperialism which finances the Israeli militarists to the tune of some $15 million/a day. It is U.S. imperialism which, alone in the world, provides political support for Israeli aggression. And in recent months, in particular, it is the Bush administration and U.S. imperialism who have consistently attacked the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian people, branding them as "terrorists" while covering over and endorsing Israeli terror and genocide.

This is, of course, no surprise because from the very beginning the state of Israel has been used by U.S. imperialism as a its regional gendarme -- policing the strategic and oil-rich Middle East on behalf of the U.S. oil companies and other monopolies.

But, in direct opposition to the U.S. capitalist class, the American people have always sympathized with and supported the Palestinian struggle for freedom and national liberation. Today, this sentiment is turning into a largescale, nationwide movement demanding an end to U.S. aid to Israel.