Support the Palestinian Liberation Struggle!

(August 23, 2001)

The Israeli government, with the full backing of the U.S., keeps escalating its war against the Palestinian people.

In mid-August, Israeli tanks and troops invaded Jenin and Ramallah, towns under the direct governance of the Palestinian Authority (PA). After demolishing police stations and other government buildings, the Israeli army withdrew. This invasion followed Israel's armed takeover of several PA administrative buildings in Jerusalem and Gaza. The Israeli government boasted that this attack was to demonstrate to the Palestinians that Israel would "never surrender an inch of Jerusalem." In addition, the Israeli army, despite universal condemnation by world public opinion, continues to systematically assassinate Palestinian political leaders, bombing Palestinian towns and civilians in the process.

All along the border of the West Bank, the Israeli army remains positioned for invasion and the Sharon government has vowed to continue "preemptive strikes" against the Palestinians. In fact, a recent government reports admits that the Israeli army is planning to continue the war against Palestine for several years and for the possibility of the war being extended to neighboring countries. Over the last 11 months, the Israeli army has already killed nearly 600 Palestinians and wounded thousands. Fighter planes and helicopters have repeatedly bombed Palestinian areas. Homes and government buildings have been razed to the ground and many towns have been blockaded for months, etc.

Israel is carrying on this brutal war in order to maintain its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

Israel grabbed the West Bank and Gaza by force of arms in its 1967 war of aggression. Despite the fact that world public opinion has universally condemned Israeli occupation, despite several U.N. resolutions demanding an end to the occupation and recognition of the sovereign rights of the Palestinians, despite the fact that the state of Israel has itself signed several treaties pledging to end its occupation, Israel continues to impose military rule on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and continues to establish new Israeli settlements as part of its strategic vision of annexing these territories. In fact the Sharon government has established at least 15 new settlements and expanded several others in the last 6 months.

All the crimes of the Israeli aggressors are also the crimes of the U.S. government. While the Bush administration claims that it "wants peace" but can do nothing in the face of the "extremism and violence of both sides," the truth is that the Israeli government cannot and does not act without the approval of U.S. imperialism.

As in the past, it is U.S. imperialism which is financing and directing Israeli aggression. Earlier this year, the U.S. Congress, in a nearly unanimous vote, passed a special resolution supporting Israel's war and approving $4.1 billion in military and economic aid for the coming year. Over the years, the U.S. has supplied Israel with more than $100 billion in aid. No, U.S. imperialism can never and will never "bring the two sides together" because the U.S. has not only chosen the Israeli side, it is the Israeli side. Israel could well be called the 51st state of the U.S. -- it is a U.S. military base anchoring U.S. imperialism's interests in the strategic Middle East. It is a dagger stabbed in the heart of the Arab peoples by the U.S. oil monopolies who want to maintain their domination of the region and its vast oil wealth.

All of the U.S.-Israeli propaganda about the "violence of the Palestinians" or the "extremism on both sides" is an attempt to hide what is at stake in Palestine -- to hide the fact that the very source of violence is that for more than 50 years Israel has occupied, by force of arms, the national homeland of the Palestinians, imposed military rule on the people and carried out a program of genocide, of trying to liquidate the Palestinian nation. At stake are the inalienable, sovereign rights of the Palestinian nation to end Israeli occupation and colonization and live in its own independent state.

This is the root of the conflict in Palestine and the Middle East and it will only be resolved when Israeli aggression and expansionism is defeated and the Palestinian people regain their inalienable national rights.

Today, the Palestinian people are pushing forward their liberation struggle in the face of Israel's all-out war. Mass demonstrations are organized on a continuous basis not only in Jerusalem and the West Bank but also inside the 1967 borders of Israel. The heroic Palestinian youth have repeatedly met Israeli tanks and helicopters with rocks and their bare fists. And all over the world, people are coming out in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle.

The American people must shoulder their responsibility. We must resolutely work to break the links between U.S. imperialism and the Israeli aggressors. We must demand the cutoff of all U.S. economic and military aid to Israel.

These demands are part of the struggle to assert the political will of the American people -- our deep aspiration for a world of peace in which the sovereignty of every nation is recognized -- in opposition to and struggle against the monopoly capitalist class which lives by war and colonialism.