We Must All Stand With the Palestinian People!

The following article is reprinted from "The Worker," newspaper of the Workers Party, USA.

September 16, 2003

On September 11, the Israeli cabinet declared that Yasir Arafat is an "obstacle to peace and conciliation between the Israeli and Palestinian people" and announced that it intends to deport or kill him.

Yasir Arafat is the democratically elected President of Palestine and for decades has been the foremost representative of the Palestinian people and their struggle for national liberation. Israel's plan to murder Arafat is a continuation of its program of genocide.

Within last two weeks, the Israeli Defense Force has stepped up its program of attacking and murdering Palestinian leaders, most recently striking repeatedly at leaders of Hamas. Israel has reimposed curfew and blockade on Palestinian towns and villages and is continuing its war on Palestinian civilians, opening fire even on school children who protest Israeli occupation, bombing neighborhoods, carrying out collective reprisals, etc.

No one should have any illusion about the goals of the Israeli state or about the monstrous crimes it has committed and is planning. The state of Israel was founded on the bodies of the Palestinian people and by usurping their homeland and depriving them of their sacred national right to an independent state. From the day of its founding, the avowed aims of the Israeli aggressors have been to expropriate all the land of Palestine and to eliminate the Palestinian nation through terror and dispersal.

While the U.S. government, falsely advertising itself as the "honest broker," has repeatedly tried to fool world public opinion and ensnare the Palestinians with phony peace talks, the truth is that Israeli expansionism and genocide has always been authorized, supervised and organized by U.S. imperialism. Most recently the Bush administration gave Israel the green light to extend the so-called "war on terrorism" by reoccupying the West Bank and Gaza.

As this war proceeded the U.S. has not only increased its military aid to Israel to $11 billion/year but continuously demanded that the Palestinian people renounce all resistance to Israeli occupation. The official position of the U.S. government is that Palestinian demonstrations and protests in the occupied West Bank and Gaza are "terrorist activities" and it is the U.S. government which has led the way in trying to isolate Arafat and decapitate the Palestinian Authority. The Bush administration is even prosecuting charity and humanitarian organizations in the U.S. which donate funds to build schools in Palestine or provide medical assistance to Palestinian children.

Within hours after Sharon announced Israel's plans to eliminate Arafat, the Palestinian people came out in protests and demonstrations, surrounding their President's house and declaring again their determination to carry on their struggle for liberation until victory, until they regain their sovereignty by establishing an independent state in their historic homeland.

Just as the Palestinian people are rallying around their representatives and fortifying their struggle, the people of the whole world must rally around the Palestinian people, support their struggle and oppose U.S.-Israeli aggression. The American people have special duties in this regard and must demand the immediate cut off of all U.S. aid to Israel and an end to U.S. interference and intervention in the Middle East.

The U.S.-Israeli aggressors are trying to wipe the Palestinian nation off the face of the earth. The Palestinians are fighting for their continued existence, for their salvation as a people. All of humanity must stand with them.