U.S. Soldier Killed in Philippines, Bush Pledges More Military Aid

October 7, 2002

On October 2, a U.S. soldier was killed in the Philippines by an explosion outside a bar frequented by troops from a nearby base. Other U.S. soldiers were injured in the blast according to reports.

The incident occured in Malagutay, a village that is part of Zamboanga city, and comes days after U.S. President Bush pledged "long-term aid for the armed forces of the Philippines." Bush made the statement in a letter, dated Sept. 20, to U.S. congressional leaders on the deployment of U.S. military forces around the world.

U.S. imperialism is preparing for a full-scale counter-insurgency war in the Philippines. Early this year thousands of U.S. troops conducted military exercises, which included numerous combat operations, throughout the country. Thousands more are expected to take part in similar exercises in the coming months.