New U.S. Threats Against Syria and Iran

April 7, 2003

Last week, top officials in the Bush administration again threatened to widen its war of aggression against Iraq by attacking Syria and Iran.

On March 28, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld claimed that Syria had sent night-vision goggles to Iraq. Rumsfeld called "such trafficking as hostile acts and [the U.S.] would hold the Syrian government accountable." On the same day, the press reported that Rumsfeld issued "a warning shot" to Iran.

On April 1, Secretary of State Powell warned Iran and Syria that they would be the next countries to come under U.S. pressure after the war with Iraq. Powell's statement echoed earlier comments by Under Secretary of State Bolton, who said in February that after Iraq, the U.S. would "deal with" Iran, Syria and North Korea. Asked if the U.S. was "going on a war footing" against Iran, Powell replied: "We haven't taken any of our options off the table."

This warmongering again reveals the grave dangers of the present period and the extreme aggressiveness of U.S. imperialism. In several recent speeches Bush has said that the war in Iraq aims at securing U.S. hegemony over the entire Middle East region and that every country in the area must accept U.S. domination; official U.S. documents even talk about a "crusade" for the future of the Arab world.

The peoples must face up to these dangers by stepping up their struggles against U.S. aggression in Iraq and by building up their independent, anti-imperialist movement which can defeat the war program of U.S. imperialism once and for all.