U.S. Troops, Out of Iraq, Now!

Days of Action: March 17-20

Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, etc.

Stop the Wars!

March 6, 2007

From March 17-20, people are organizing mass demonstrations across the U.S. to demand: U.S. Troops, Out of Iraq, Now!.

These demonstrations, marking the 4th anniversary of Bush's invasion, come at an important turning point. All over the world the people are demanding peace; the warmakers in the U.S. government are extremely isolated.

But the warmakers have not given up and will not give up on their own accord. In fact, the U.S. government is escalating its wars. Tens of thousands of more troops have been sent to Iraq. Thousands more are being sent to Afghanistan. Everyday the drumbeat for war against Iran grows louder. The government is making new war threats against Pakistan, attacking Somalia, expanding the size of the U.S. army by 100,000, preparing another war budget of more than $800 billion, etc., etc.

The wars are continuing because the capitalist-imperialist system is based on the exploitation and domination of other countries. The U.S. capitalists want and need war to protect their profits and empire both from the independence movements of the people and from rival capitalist powers.

This war program can and will be defeated. Over the last 5 years, the peoples have proven again that, in the final analysis, they are the decisive force.

This is proven by the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Haiti and elsewhere who refuse to submit to U.S. aggression and colonialism.

This is proven by the evergrowing opposition of the American people.

Through their mass struggles, the people have brought their demand for peace to centerstage. Now let us fight to make this demand the reality.

In fact, the warmakers are so afraid of the people, that they are desperately trying to divert the people's struggles. The Democrats are passing "nonbinding" resolutions and proposing bills which promise to begin, sometime in the future, to "redeploy" some troops from Iraq in order to send them to other fronts of U.S. imperialism's "war on terrorism." And all the while, the Democrats, who hold the majority in Congress, keep authorizing every dime needed by Bush to escalate the war. No, the Democrats are not opposing the war; their empty charade hopes only to slow down the people's struggles and buy time for the warmakers.

We cannot afford to give the warmakers even a moment's rest. Now is the time to escalate our mass struggles to stop the wars!

Join in the demonstrations to keep the banner of peace in centerstage and to rally ever-wider sections of people into the struggle!

Use the demonstrations to deepen the anti-war discussions and organizations in every workplace, school and community and as a starting point to unfold new struggles against the war program.

The decisive thing is to build a proactive, independent movement that aims at nothing less than a lasting peace. This means ending all U.S. aggression, withdrawing all troops stationed abroad, recognizing the sovereignty of every nation and demilitarizing our country.

To carry on this work - before, during and after the Days of Action - the Workers Party, the Peace Agenda Forum and the Youth and Students for a Democratic Foreign Policy are organizing a proactive, peace contingent.

Our program demands the immediate and total withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq; we oppose every front of U.S. imperialism's aggressive "war on terrorism" - from Afghanistan and Iran to Haiti and North Korea. Our program is to isolate and oppose the parties of war and imperialism - the Republicans and Democrats - and build up the independent, anti-imperialist organizations of the people.

All Out for the Days of Action!

Join the Work of the Proactive Peace Contingent!

Escalate the Mass Struggles to Stop the Wars!