Another "Peace" Candidate

The following article is reprinted from "The Worker," newspaper of the Workers Party, USA.

September 29, 2003

On September 18, Wesley Clark, a former general, announced his candidacy for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Across the board, Democrats, including prominent leaders like Bill Clinton as well as the party's opportunist "left-wing" helpers like "The Nation," Michael Moore and others, are literally falling over themselves praising Clark and advertising him as a "peace candidate" who can "beat George Bush."

Clark, who earned his first "military spurs" in U.S. imperialism's genocidal war in Vietnam, also includes on his resume: 1) commander of the U.S.-NATO war against Yugoslavia which dismembered this sovereign country; 2) commander of U.S. Southern command 1996-97 during which time Clark, amongst other things, further escalated the U.S. counter-insurgency war in Colombia; 3) commander of the U.S. army national training center during the 1991 Persian Gulf war, etc.

As for the present and U.S. imperialism's "war on terrorism," Clark, far from opposing it, is advising George Bush and the U.S. high command on the best way of waging it.

For example, in a June 15 interview on "Meet the Press," Clark echoed Bush all along the line, calling for the interdiction of North Korean ships, relying on the "military card at the end" to force Iran to accept "weapons inspections," etc.

On Iraq, Clark, like the rest of the Democratic candidates, calls for greater multilateral support while adamantly insisting that the U.S. occupation must continue for "several years. . . . we'd like to get the numbers down to 75,000 troops or less. It's not clear if that can be done. . . . the simple fact is as long as there's a threat over there you can't reduce the force. So I think we're going to be there in a substantial number for a long time."

In our opinion, a political party and political leadership which welcomes Wesley Clark as a "peace candidate" must be called by its real name - a party of war and fascism.