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U.S. Cuts Economic Ties with Growing Number of Syrian Nationals

June-22, 2020 - The decision to add 39 new sanctions to the existing tally was announced on June 17 by the Trump administration.


Impatience with the failure of the U.S. Caesar Act was given as the reason. According to the Caesar Act, Syrian nationals must give in to U.S. and UN Security Council demands to succumb to the dictates of U.S. imperialism.  Those who do not will be treated as unworthy of the right to buying and selling according to their own customs and will be subjected to potential U.S. sanctions. 


Previous sanctions imposed by the U.S. are being used as leverage for demands calling for fundamental changes to the economic base and political superstructure of Syria in accordance with U.S. "national interests." Only those who abandon defense of Syrian sovereignty may "come out from under these sanctions" according to James Jeffrey, the U.S. Secretary of State's Special Representative for Syria Engagement during the announcement. 


On the other hand, according to Jeffrey, those who choose not to comply with U.S. demands will be punished. 


U.S. imperialism is tearing down the entire edifice of international law and trampling on the sovereignty of countries through a concerted campaign of military blackmail, threats, intimidation, sanctions, and war. The Syrian people are but one of many targets.


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