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Threats of civil war..!?

An official of the Kabul regime named Hamdullah Mohib has said that if foreign troops withdrew from Afghanistan, the country would be faced with the threat of a civil war.

He is implying that perhaps there is no war at the moment and that their foreign donor masters should not leave else a war would break out.

This is exactly what Babrak Karmal, a puppet of the former Soviet occupation, conveyed to his superiors when they were fleeing due to the holy Jihad of the Afghan people.

Babrak told the Russians, "If the Soviet troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan now, then the Soviet leadership would be forced to send another million troops to Afghanistan the next time around".

There is no doubt that the 40-year-old crisis was caused by foreign occupation and which continues to this very day.

But unfortunately, the biggest role in inviting the invaders, in their survival and in sustaining the occupation is always played by the internal puppets.

However, the fact remains that once the foreign intervention is over, their interference stopped permanently and their puppets removed from power, then the fire of war would automatically be extinguished because the root cause is eliminated, and this has been a recurring theme in Afghan history.

Now as the irresponsible officials in Kabul call the departure of these invaders a disaster for Afghanistan and proclaim that a civil war would break out if their masters withdraw, this is in fact another unique ruthless campaign of the puppets aimed at continuing the occupation, perpetuating the ongoing atrocities in the country and preventing peace.

They wish for their foreign masters to continue bombing their fellow Afghans, to carry out night raids and brutalities and to continue filling prisons and cemeteries, but the flow of foreign money and their partial rule should not be lost.

Instead of the authorities giving hope to the Afghan citizens at this juncture and opportunity of peace and showing goodwill, they have deemed war, efforts of prolonging the occupation and preventing peace work.

On the other end of spectrum, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly reassured the people that once the occupation ends, the country would be blessed with peace and rescued from war, Allah willing. And the elements advocating war, occupation and foreign dollars will be removed from the scene akin to their masters finally acknowledging and accepting realities and ending their fight against the Afghan nation.


This article had been transferred from the English-language media of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, October 25

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