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Reprint from Volume 36 Issue #3 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

​How to Fight Against the Grave Danger of War with Russia

March 1, 2022-It has become even more clear that the main obstacle to the peaceful solution of problems on the international stage is U.S. imperialism and its post-9/11 program for tearing down the entire edifice of international law and replacing it with the "law" of Might Makes Right – directed against the liberation movements of the peoples and against any country which, for whatever reason, resists the dictates of U.S. imperialism.

A mere twenty years into this new situation, Washington has already revitalized the old danger of war with Russia to the point of a near breakout. No wonder U.S. imperialism's "war against international terrorism" has been characterized as a "coup d'etat on a world scale"!

Beginning in 2003, the Pentagon began carrying out a major expansion of its network of military bases not only in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, but also in Europe. This ongoing project has been widely advertised by the Pentagon as a strategy to increase U.S. capacity to rapidly intervene at any spot on the globe. The realignment concentrates heavily on European soil with the establishment of new U.S. bases in the eastern part, including in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. These basing agreements have enabled the U.S. to preposition THAAD, Patriot and other missiles, nuclear equipment and a trained military core in dozens of new areas, as well as to launch several major "war games" advertised as means to perfect nearby battle scenarios aimed at Russia specifically. 

The anti-Russia hysteria of today is, in the first place, meant to divert the attention of the world's people from recent U.S. airstrikes on Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen, its several ground wars, as well as the intensifying arms race and nuclear weapons build-up of U.S. imperialism in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Further, U.S. imperialism's strategy of fomenting tensions and militarizing every region in order to assert itself into the equation is in fact developing into an increasingly flexible means towards launching new wars. For example, the U.S. military has already extended its invasion of Iraq into Syria and is drawing the UAE and other countries into its war in Yemen. Although Mutually Assured Destruction remains the expected outcome of a war between the U.S. and Russia, eastern Europe has been one of the primary hotbeds of U.S. imperialism's growing pursuit of new military capabilities and adventures since the 1990s. This "art" of oiling the machinery of war and engaging in brinkmanship even while advertising U.S. militarism as the savior of humanity is employed by U.S. imperialism to demand that public opinion, each state, and all international bodies actively support its resurrection of the old colonial mandate system, its build-up of weapons of mass destruction, and its deployment of advanced weapons systems and troops to the four corners of the earth. 

By fomenting tensions in Europe and relying on NATO to extol the cult of U.S. militarism, the two parties in Washington want to claim legitimacy for their post-9/11 blueprint for world domination, codified in 2001. And by the same means they hope to demonize all pursuit of active deterrence on the part of countries such as Russia which are targets of U.S. imperialism's massive and unprecedented arms build-up across the globe. Undefended targets are the preferred targets for Washington. 

U.S. imperialism's bipartisan anti-Russia stance, its low and high yield "protective nuclear umbrella" and its forward deployment of military bases continue to be an entombment for smothering Europe and permanently shoring up U.S. imperialism's sole-superpower role as judge, jury and executioner on the world stage. 

The American and world's people cannot continue to leave our future in the hands of the Pentagon generals or their smooth-talking arms negotiators. 

Anti-imperialist politics is the way forward. Anti-imperialist politics shows the way to tap the huge reservoir of anti-war and anti-militarist sentiment existing amongst the workers and broad masses of the American people. Anti-imperialist politics consistently exposes the aggressive class aims of big capital which lie behind both the nakedly militarist politics of the two parties and their equally chauvinist and warmongering politics of so-called "soft power." Anti-imperialist politics links all the stirrings and currents of opposition to war and militarism into one common and sustained struggle against the capitalist warmakers. Anti-imperialist politics defends and strengthens the unity of the people by drawing a clear line of demarcation between the forces of war, the big capitalist class, and the interests of the vast majority of people. It exposes the capitalists’ tactics of depoliticization through the use of organized opportunist elements which are advertised as "leaders" in order to import the chauvinism of the U.S. ruling class into the anti-war movement. 

The Workers Party program for a Democratic Foreign Policy aims systematically both to advance the immediate struggles against war and militarism and to prepare the working masses for the revolutionary overthrow of imperialism. This anti-imperialist politics demands the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops abroad, the withdrawal of the U.S. from all aggressive military pacts and alliances such as NATO, an end to the militarization of U.S. society, and an end to U.S. interference and intervention against other countries in any form – economic, diplomatic, political, and military. 

While we never harbor any illusions about the possibility of a lasting peace as long as imperialism exists, we have tremendous confidence in the ability of masses, when organized and determined in struggle, to prevent U.S. imperialism from instigating a new world war, to defeat its wholesale colonial interventions in Africa and the Middle East, as well as its so-called "low intensity warfare" in the Philippines and Latin America. 

No one wants to see U.S. imperialism succeed at once against putting the country at loggerheads with one of the largest militaries in the world. We must recognize that there is no choice but to be political. The struggle against war and imperialism requires that the working class and progressive masses build up their own political organizations, independent of and in struggle against the political parties of the capitalists. The Workers Party works for the building up of 1) the mass political party of the working class 2) mass anti-imperialist organization specifically devoted to the struggle against war and imperialism.

We Demand Peace!
Only the Peoples Can Stop the Wars!
U.S. Imperialism, Get Out of Europe! 


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