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Reprint from Volume 36 Issue #5 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

A Program for Defeating the Plans of the Pentagon Warmakers

May 6, 2022-From this platform have for some time been pointing out and reporting on our participation in organizing the opposition to the blueprint for world domination that U.S. imperialism embarked on in 2002. A version of "you're with us or you're against us" is always on the lips of the opportunist spokesmen for the U.S. monopoly capitalist class and the two parties. In other words, all countries must actively go along with the dictates of US imperialism or go on its list of "pariah state" targets. This war waged against the world has, in twenty years, torn down the edifice of international law as intended and as a result it has worsened international relations quite quickly.

Yet another degradation of the world situation occurred with the start of the Big Lie campaign declaring Russia a source of "election interference," followed by the reclaiming of Cold War slogans. This finally enabled Washington to zero in on its former Kremlin nemesis so as to simultaneously ratchet up tensions in both Eurasia and the Far East. 

In the world today, it is precisely because the economic strength of U.S. capitalism is declining relative to such rivals as the European Union and Japan that the strategy of U.S. imperialism is regional hegemony and world domination. Thus, in the Balkans, the post-USSR space, the Arab world, Asia, Africa and Latin America, U.S. imperialism stirs up tensions and seeks to be the mapmaker. 

At the same time, the war program of U.S. imperialism is being opposed today by the great efforts of various peoples and nations to defend their freedom and independence and national wealth, to be sovereign in their own countries, to rid themselves of the yoke of U.S.-led aggressive military alliances as well as imperialist economic and social relations, and to remain free as peoples to decide the course and tempo of their own progress. 

The wide extension and growth of peoples' liberation and democratic movements which have now swept whole regions and zones of the world are evidence of this. The mounting discontent and protest of the masses in countries such as Palestine, Haiti, the Philippines, and Iraq are leading to popular revolts against reactionary regimes propped up by U.S. imperialism. The victory of the Afghan people in their war to drive out the U.S. military and to overthrow the puppet regime has been successful. There are other states which continue to take independent stands and oppose the demands of U.S.-imperialism and NATO. And in the camp of opposition to imperialism also stand the workers and broad masses of the people within the countries engulfed by NATO's umbrella. 

The U.S.-NATO alliance is striving to divert these struggles onto dead ends, to weaken and blunt them. They are trying to spread illusions that the situation of the peoples can be put in order and resolved by working to persuade U.S. imperialism to adopt a more "logical" course. Or they try to create a defeatist spirit that allegedly the war machine and worldwide network of military bases of the Pentagon and NATO are too strong, that allegedly the peoples of the so-called second and third world countries are incapable of advancing on their own and that their dependence on imperialism is inevitable. 

However the right of peoples to be free and to live in solidarity cannot be denied. It was born together with man and human society and has been an unvarying constant through all the epochs of history. The reactionary powers of all times have tried to deny the peoples this right, have tried to subjugate and rule them. Mighty empires were created, whole continents were transformed into colonies, various peoples remained enslaved for centuries on end, but the spirit of freedom and independence has never died. It was the empires and the colonies which collapsed and disappeared.

For the American people, the real issue is to create space in which the interests of the people can be sorted out and to give expression to the profound revolutionary aspirations of the people. American chauvinism and apologies for U.S. imperialism's war program cannot stand, and every time we drag such warmongering into the light of day, we  win – we help more people come forward and step up the struggle for a Democratic Foreign Policy. 

In the present conditions, the immediate program of a Democratic Foreign Policy calls for: the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad, an end to all aggressive military alliances and pacts such as NATO, an end to U.S. interference and aggression in all its forms, respect for the sovereign equality and independence of every country and the right of every people to determine their own social, economic and political system. 


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