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What Is the U.S. Doing Brokering Pacts in the Balkans?

September-14, 2020 - The monopoly-owned media is an a commotion publishing stories about new pacts brokered by U.S. imperialism in the Balkans. The finalization of Kosovo and Serbia "economic normalization" and associated agreements took place in Washington on September 4. The package deal has its basis in past activity to divide the people which destabilized the region, opening the way for U.S. imperialism to set up new bases for its economic penetration and military domination of the region and Europe. It lays out several joint actions which must be taken for Kosovo and Serbia to be admitted to the European Union after 2025 and for the two signatories to receive new aid and loan guarantees through the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation.


Some of the required actions include designating Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, moving each Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, boycotting several Chinese technology companies, and involving the U.S. Export‐Import Bank in cross-border construction projects.


U.S. imperialism rushed to foment tensions in the Balkans immediately after declaring the so-called death of communism on December 26, 1991. By March 24, 1999, the Clinton administration was ready to launch and aggressive, imperialist war on Yugoslavia. Two months of U.S. and NATO airstrikes targeted economic and cultural sites across the length and breadth of Yugoslavia. During the bombing, the U.S. government used depleted uranium shells which poisoned the peoples with radiation and spread nuclear contamination throughout the world. Hundreds of Serbian and Kosovar civilians were immediate casualties of the bombing.


The war in Yugoslavia and the occupation of Kosovo unveiled the new U.S.-NATO strategic doctrine which declared a "new world order." Faced with the fact that its economic strength relative to other imperialist powers was declining, U.S. imperialism began seeking to militarize every situation and every part of the world as a means of asserting its hegemony. The U.S. monopoly capitalist class, with the help of its Atlantic alliance, used the war to establish permission for itself to violate the sovereignty of countries at will.


U.S. imperialism, compelled by the drive to protect its profits and expand its world empire when threatened by ever-intensifying competition from rival powers, has been relying more and more on its military power in order to insert itself into the equation.


Since the war on Yugoslavia, the U.S. has been posing as a "peacekeeper" and "defender of human rights" in the Balkans. But in reality, it has trampled on the sovereignty and dignity of the peoples. The real interests and aims of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class are to extend its empire, to fortify its enslavement of nations and its exploitation of the peoples of the Balkans and the world. Today, as U.S. imperialism's insatiable drive for profits comes up against growing obstacles, it invariably turns to its military superiority to protect its empire. U.S. imperialism is straining to grab the economic territory of its capitalist rivals through force of arms; it is trying to drown in blood the liberation struggles of oppressed peoples fighting against U.S. colonialism and domination. As long as the U.S. monopoly capitalist class succeeds in establishing itself politically and militarily in the Balkans, the international monopoly groups and financiers will continue to batter down any barriers to their domination and exploitation, more of the burden will be shifted onto the workers, and the U.S. will continue flexing its military muscle, injecting itself as the "arbiter" – the overlord and map-maker of the Balkans.


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