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Being Proactive

Organizing ourselves independently and in struggle against the parties of war and imperialism, organizing on the basis of anti-imperialist politics empowers people to develop a pro-active movement.


And, we really have no choice but to be proactive.


Our goal is not simply to stop one war in order to sit by while

imperialism starts another. Our goal is nothing less than a world of



The fact is that we will have no right to be surprised if in 2 months

or 6 months, U.S. imperialism dramatically escalates its

counter-insurgency war in Colombia or dispatches troops to Venezuela, etc. We know from long experience that U.S. imperialism lives by militarism and war and the government is telling us it will start more wars.


No, we cannot simply wait and react. We must take the initiative into

our own hands and fight to bring about a fundamental change in our

country's foreign policy. We must implement a genuinely democratic

foreign policy which includes:


- Withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad;


- Ending U.S. intervention and aggression in all its forms;


- Ending the militarization of our country;


- Respecting the sovereignty and rights of all.


Such a program will indeed rally and inspire the broadest sections of

American people and help bring them into independent political life on the basis of their own aims and deep aspirations. Such a program will be fully put into practice when the government and parties of war are replaced by a government of the people.


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