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Reprint from Volume 37 Issue #10 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

Palestine Uprising

October 19, 2023 - As the nationwide uprising of the Palestinian people continues, increasing numbers of the American people are shuddering in horror at the U.S. government, which remains the source and instigator of Israeli aggression and colonialism. 

At this time, the whole Palestinian nation has risen, demanding and fighting for its rights – fighting against Israeli colonialism. The Palestinian people are fighting to regain their sacred national rights, including their right to live in their own independent Palestinian state. For its part, Israeli colonialism – financed, armed, and propped up by U.S. imperialism – has tried to strike down every last manifestation of this struggle of the Palestinians. 

Day after day, the people across Palestine have come into the streets in their hundreds of thousands, defying the West Bank curfews and challenging the guns of the Israeli Defense Forces. General economic and political strikes have spread to villages, towns, and enclaves not only in the West Bank and Jerusalem but also inside the pre-1967 borders of Israel as well. 

Repeatedly, the dauntless Palestinians have set up barricades, preventing the Israeli patrols from entering their towns, and arresting their comrades, waging pitched street battles, in which the Palestinians match their fists and stones against the guns and tear gas of the aggressors. 

Grassroots committees have been established to direct the uprising and to organize basic services (such as food, water, and medical supplies) which have been cut off by the Israeli occupiers. All over the world the Palestinian people, who have been driven into exile and emigration, as well as all of progressive world public opinion, have rallied to support the uprising.

Every crime of the Israeli colonizers - from carpet bombing and collective punishment today, to decades of forcible displacement and annexations - has been carried out under the full maintenance of U.S. imperialism. The Israeli bullets are paid for by the U.S. government which supplies Israel with $10 million a day in economic and military aid. U.S. officials continually shuttle back and forth between Washington DC and Jerusalem, discussing their bilateral political, military and economic strategy for defeating the uprising. The U.S. government, defying American and world public opinion, repeatedly demands that Israel fulfill its “obligation to maintain law and order,” i.e., its “right” to continue its forcible subjugation of the whole Palestinian nation. 

Today the uprising has brought the Palestinian liberation struggle to a new plateau and the whole world is denouncing U.S.-backed Israeli aggression and extending support to the Palestinians. On one side stand the Israeli colonialists and their sponsor, U.S. imperialism. On the other side are the valiant Palestinian people and their liberation struggle. We should all resolutely support the Palestinian uprising and fight with all our strength against U.S. imperialism's maintenance of Israeli colonialism. Now, when the imperialist media is more and more blockading the news about Palestine, it is all the more important that the class-conscious workers and anti-imperialist activists go widely and deeply amongst the people in order to bring them forward into the struggle against U.S.-Israeli colonialism and in support of the Palestinian revolution. 

In fact, the American workers and people require a complete alternative to the entire war program of the capitalist class and the two major political parties. This alternative can only be achieved through a united and determined struggle against the capitalist ruling class. The task of building up our genuine working-class political party and independent organizations opposed to war and militarism is essential for the development of this struggle. Participating in this struggle and building such organizations is the true alternative to the capitalist war program, and it is the path to taking the leadership of the anti-imperialist, anti-war movement into the hands of the people whose aspirations it is meant to represent.


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