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Broad Front of Anti-Colonial Opposition Continues to Undermine the Endurance of the U.S.-NATO Invaders

President Trump's attempt to deal with the wide scale opposition of the American people to the war in Afghanistan by proposing Camp David peace talks with the forces of national liberation is attracting no less scrutiny than any other development in that war. The suffocating delay of U.S. imperialism's surrender to the forces of national liberation is getting harder and harder to bear for the American and Afghan people, who are being made to pay in death and taxes for a criminal war to make the rich richer.

U.S. imperialism does not want to stop using Afghanistan as a base from which it can oust its competitors and bully the entire region. However, the last nineteen years of occupation have added nothing but one failed military and political battle after another to the historical record of U.S. imperialism's war program. The character of all the events of the war goes to show only that U.S. imperialism has absolutely nothing to offer that the people of Afghanistan want.

Nor is the unabashed contempt of the two U.S. parties towards the American people's demand for unconditional withdrawal from Aghanistan gaining them any great success. The American people are taking their place in the worldwide struggle to end the U.S. war program.

For its part, U.S. imperialism is pushing to change the situation in the world by modeling an earlier period when the big Western powers could more freely overcome limits to the export of capital by carving the map of the world into spheres of colonial and neo-colonial domination and denying the vast majority of humanity its sovereignty. Today, U.S. imperialism openly declares that it must have a say about which countries are entitled to sovereignty and which are not.

In order to advance the struggle against war and imperialism we must give wholehearted expression to our support for the national liberation struggle of the people of Afghanistan as well as the national liberation struggles of all the oppressed nations and peoples who have been placed under the thumb of the aggressive war program of the two parties of war.

The final limit to U.S. dictate in Afghanistan will only be reached when any U.S. role as an overlord over the peoples' affairs there is put to an end.


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