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Reprint from Volume 36 Issue #1 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

Contradictions of U.S. Occupation of Iraq Intensify

January 6, 2022-The Biden administration has changed its Iraq occupation posture to again reprioritize its "advise and assist" role over and above any front line role for U.S. troops. All announcements from the White House and Pentagon have emphasized that the number of U.S. forces will not decrease. 

This incident reveals the growing grassroots opposition to the U.S. military mission in Iraq.

In the face of growing protests throughout the country, in which the people are demanding that the U.S. exit the land, the Pentagon continues to seek new privileges and unhampered prerogative to make Iraq's law at the point of a gun. Iraqi puppets continue to be allowed to give permission to U.S. decisions after the fact. 

Such arrogance is only leading to further hatred for U.S. imperialism and its policy of maintaining a state of war with the aim of preventing the Iraqi people from regaining their national sovereignty and independence.


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