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Reprint from Volume 38 Issue #1 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

What Is the Issue?

January 8, 2024 - We condemn Israel's aggression against the Palestinian people, against the Syrian Arab Republic, and against Lebanon. Israel's actions have once again been authored and organized by the United States with the support of the UK. They are a violation of the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the elementary norms of international relations, the declared will of almost every country in the world, and the inviolable right to resist, arms-in-hand, against imperialism. So too, this U.S.-Israeli aggression poses a grave danger to the whole globe's peace and security. 

Israel is a stronghold of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East and a continuous instrument of imperialist conspiracy against Palestinian freedom and sovereignty. 

Today, hundreds of millions of people are already rallying around the Palestinian people, supporting their struggle and coming out in opposition to U.S.-Israeli aggression.

Israel's latest act of aggression was long premeditated and prepared in advance against the Palestinian resistance. This act of aggression is in line with the state of Israel's longstanding and unrestrained militarism, bestial racism, and absurd territorial pretensions. The aim is to retain under Israeli occupation parts of the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic and Lebanon, which Israel has conquered by force, and inside Israel's own borders to prevent the possibility of Palestinian secession.

We firmly condemn the U.S., UK, and Israeli governments as the ones responsible for all the consequences of the aggression. We demand from them complete and immediate reparations for all the damage that was caused to the Palestinians, the Syrian Arab Republic, and Lebanon, as well as the restitution of all seized property.

We demand instantly the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Israeli forces from all the occupied territories of Palestine, the Syrian Arab Republic, and Lebanon. We oppose the U.S. agenda for Palestine in all its forms – especially the chauvinist, provocative, and offensive policy of demanding that Palestinians must renounce their struggle for national liberation, renounce all resistance to the occupation, and even bring Palestinian security forces directly under the control of the CIA to help it hunt down and suppress the heroic armed resistance. 

The right of the Palestinian nation to resist oppression and imperialism is recognized even in international law. However, the issue goes far beyond this. The struggles for liberation of oppressed nations, such as the Palestinians, Iraqis, and others serve as a significant driving force for progress and democracy. When these peoples successfully defeat colonial occupiers and assert their sovereignty, their lands transform from being bases for imperialism and war to bases for peace, equality, and friendship.

We declare that it is the future of the American people to strengthen and further organize their support for the struggle of the Palestinians and to win the demand for the immediate end of all U.S. government aid to the state of Israel. Peace will come to the Holy Land only when the Israeli aggressors dismantle all their settlements and when all the Palestinian people can return to their homes under the protection of a genuinely sovereign Palestinian state.


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