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Kabul Inflicts Another Blow Against U.S. Imperialism's Main Aggressive Military Bloc

July 11, 2022-The revolutionary government of Afghanistan recently announced that Afghanistan was happy to purge itself of its former "non-NATO ally" status. The statement came after the U.S. Congress was informed by the White House that the designation was formally rescinded by the Biden administration. 


On July 7, Deputy Spokesperson Bilal Karimi explained, "We don't want to be under the structure from which Afghans don't have good memories. We will engage with the world through diplomatic and balanced paths.. We are also not happy under such name that because of them for two decades Afghans are decimated, suffered and endured problems."

Afghanistan's long history as a strategic crossroads of global markets has inured the peoples of the land against many attempts to turn the country into a colony and taught them how to defeat wars of conquest by foreign armies.

For twenty years, under the terrorism of U.S. military rule, the people of Afghanistan refused to bend their knee. Despite the savagery of the U.S.-NATO war they continued along the path of their national liberation revolution, carrying out an all-sided campaign which has now restored their national sovereignty and independence and collective right to determine for themselves their economic and political system.

This victory has added tremendous new impetus to the on-going struggles against U.S. imperialism's program for world domination, whether carried out unilaterlly or in cooperation with NATO allies.

Over the last century a billion and more people, enslaved by the colonial system have taken the field against capitalist-imperialism by initiating anti-colonial, national liberation movements. This irresistible tide of national liberation has continually struck at the very foundations of the capitalist-imperialist system and helped open the way for the peoples. The victory of Afghanistan is a strong reminder that this is the era of ascendency of the two principal motive forces of the world today - the working-class movement for emancipation and the national liberation movements of the oppressed nations and peoples.


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