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Reprint from Volume 36 Issue #4 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

U.S. Imperialism's Drive to Penetrate the Post-USSR Space Is Doomed

April 7, 2022-In a highly negative development of the repercussions of the 8-year war in Ukraine, the U.S.-backed authorities in Kiev are recruiting mercenaries from all over the world in order to use them in its war against Russians. It has done this freely under the protection of its embassies in NATO members states as well as through recruitment by many media channels and websites. In recruiting these mercenaries, including several thousand Americans, it also relies on private security companies, focusing on military experience these companies gained in the former Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen, etc., where Washington and its NATO allies are using their services or have used them in the past. 

At the same time, U.S. diplomats have been holding "emergency" videoconferences and meetings across the globe in a campaign to beat the drum for escalation of war in the Ukraine and to demand that every country abandon friendly trade relations with Russia. Washington is promising "severe punishment" in the region, which is to be made up not only of increased military aid to the Ukraine, but also with devastating piracy of Russian assets and sanctions on Russians designed to wrack and ruin every aspect of the Russian economy. 

The U.S. money path preceding the events of today in Ukraine is monumental. For seven decades, U.S. imperialism schemed and organized for the dissolution of the USSR. This is notorious as the most expensive and long-lasting effort by one land to overcome the sovereign rights of another ever carried out. After the dissolution of the USSR, both Russia and the Ukraine became members of the IMF and the World Bank in 1992. Thereafter, Washington started investing in nation-building efforts aimed at fomenting discord between the Ukraine and Russia, and in the Ukraine working for the introduction of an agricultural land market and restructuring industry along globalist lines.  Almost $14 million was invested by Washington in influencing the events associated with the "Orange Revolution" of 2004 in order to resolve the problem of establishing a regime friendly to the U.S. and its NATO and EU allies. More monies followed while work was done on liberalization of the economy until 2014 when the Maidan coup was able to establish the illness of anti-Russian sentiment and a government devoted to carrying out the reforms that would be required for joining the EU and NATO.  Since 2014, the U.S. Congress has provided Ukraine with $3.2 billion in lethal and nonlethal military aid. Other nation-building aid from Washington since 2014 has averaged $350 million per year. 

As with Washington's entire bag of tricks for carving up the former Soviet Union, the strategy of U.S. imperialism in the Ukraine relies on the instigation of racist murder and terror. It is U.S. imperialism, which for 8-years supported and helped finance the Zelensky regime even as it carried out a war of terror and campaign of suppression against the rights of Russians. Just as today it is U.S. imperialism which is pushing the racist Big Lie that "ethnic rivalry" and "ethnic cleansing" arise from the innate characteristics of Ukrainians and Russians. 
Accompanying the aggressive strategy of U.S. imperialism under the signboard of "Stand with Ukraine" is a deafening propaganda aimed at further subordinating the entire world to the arbitrary law of the jungle, with U.S. imperialism as the judge, jury and executioner. 

U.S. imperialism is bombarding public opinion with nerve-pinching propaganda about the need to "fight international terrorism and pariah states," "halt nuclear proliferation," or to "defend human rights." On the lips of U.S. imperialism all these slogans are used as excuses to trample peace underfoot; to deny that all peoples have the right to self-determination and security and the territory of one people cannot serve as a basis for aggression against another; and to set aside the principles of equality established in international law and the norms of trade relations between states.

All this propaganda is designed to divert public opinion from the real interests and aims of U.S. imperialism which are to extend its empire into the post-Soviet space, and to fortify its enslavement of nations and it exploitation of the peoples at the four corners of the globe. The fact is that in the world today, it is U.S. imperialism itself which is the outlaw state, the organizer of international terrorism and the number one enemy of human rights.

The cause of U.S. imperialism under the signboard of "Stand with Ukraine" is the cause of neo-colonialism and NATO expansion. It will not pass. 

The experience of the Workers Party confirms that even in the stifling political atmosphere and despite the drum beat of the U.S. government and the vengeful chorus of the monopoly-controlled media, the American people are not giving way to the chauvinism of our own ruling class or the apologies for colonialism imported into the anti-war movement by the so-called left-wing of the Democratic Party. However, to mobilize broader sections of people in struggle, the attention of anti-war activists must be concentrated on the burning need to solidify the foundations and achieve more successes for the movement of the people which already exists but which is lagging behind in terms of political independence, consciousness, and organization. The overriding task is to empower the people – the real motive force of the struggle for peace – by assisting them in building up politically independent, proactive organizations. 

The struggle against Washington's program for neo-colonialism and NATO expansion requires that the working class and progressive masses build up their own political organizations, independent of and in struggle against the political parties of the capitalists. The Worker calls for the building up of 1) the political party of the working class, and 2) mass anti-imperialist organization specifically devoted to the struggle for the establishment of an anti-imperialist U.S. government.


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