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Reprint from Volume 37 Issue #11 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

Operation Sword of Iron Is a Lost Cause

November 25, 2023 - Today, as the Palestinian people come forward to claim their right to self-determination, sovereignty, and independence – their right to their own state in their homeland – they are winning the support of peoples everywhere, including the American people.

This political struggle is at an important crossroads and we must remain sharp. If the U.S. government decides, for the time being, to accept the demand of the American people for a suspension of the militarist offensive against the Palestinian residents of the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza, it will do so only in order to escalate its political offensive – with the goal of imposing its undivided rule over the Palestinian nation. 

In every step of the current conflict, as U.S Central Command and its Israeli agents operate legally and tyrannically outside of the 1967 borders of Israel, the pompous U.S.-Israeli military drive is designed to menace the Palestinian people and eventually liquidate their struggle. Pauses between massacres are advertised in order to prepare for renewed land grabs and slaughters, trying to shrink Palestinian territory to nothing and drown the resistance in an ocean of blood. 

Returning to the well-polished tool of a renewed political offensive, Biden and Congress are equally prepared to once again declare themselves “unsatisfied” with “democratization” outside the 1967 borders. And, as in the past, to manipulate a breakdown of any talks on the basis that unvetted Palestinian organizations not be allowed a voice in creating the future of Palestine. 

The lesson of current events outside the 1967 borders of Israel is that the two parties of war have again spit in the face of the anti-war movement in our country by increasing U.S. political and military pressure against the oppressed nation of Palestine. U.S. imperialism is desperate to achieve its genocidal aims there, and in so doing to regain the initiative in its war for domination over the entire Middle East region.

The tasks facing progressive and anti-imperialist Americans remain as clear as ever. We must persist in the struggle against U.S. intervention in the Middle East until imperialism is forced to drop its program for liquidating the Palestinian nation and the sacred right of the Palestinian nation to its own state in its national homeland is realized. 

The conflicts and turmoil in the Middle East all stem from the permanent aims of the U.S. capitalist class, from the exploiting, aggressive imperialist social relations. The economic and strategic objectives of the U.S. multinational corporations make them the permanent enemies of the peoples of the Middle East and their aspirations for genuine freedom, independence, and social emancipation. 

The current program of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East is direct military intervention, build-up of reactionary local regimes, maintenance and direction of the aggressive Israeli state. The declared aims are to "protect" the region's "vast natural resources [which] . . . lies across the most convenient route of land, air and water communication."

The path forward to victory is the path of unremitting mass struggles against U.S. imperialism and its interventions in the Middle East.

History shows that through struggle, and struggle alone, the imperialists can be defeated..


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