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Trump Administration Prepares the Election Interference Card in Latin America

Among the destabilizing processes aimed at maintaining U.S. hegemony in Latin America, election interference promises to continue receiving pride of place.

Within Latin America, the Organization of American States (OAS) is among the main instruments for U.S. imperialism's economic, political and military domination of the region. This old pillar of imperialist intervention was most recently relied on in Bolivia in support of Washington's self-proclaimed world-policing role.

A recent report on Bolivian elections by the OAS showed how election monitoring was used to secure access to sensitive cyber information about Bolivia of a caliber that would be shouted down and prosecuted as spying and terrorism if the U.S. government had been on the receiving end of such a campaign.

In order to solve the problem of "proving" a possibility of corruption during Bolivia's national elections, the OAS Secretariat for Political Affairs thoroughly investigated the components of "data flow processing" of voting records and concluded the technology in place was, "directed to two hidden servers and not controlled by personnel of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), which made it possible to manipulate data and falsify minutes."

When the OAS document was issued on December 9th the U.S. State Department also released a press statement to praise the work of the OAS electoral audit mission in Bolivia for mobilizing such a successful panel of "36 experts of 18 nationalities" capable of giving a picture which the State Department could promote as evidence "that 'deliberate' and 'malicious' actions were taken to rig Bolivia's election in favor of former President Evo Morales."

Not only is this election interference policy framework hypocritical, a grave blow to Bolivian national security, and an attack on the privacy of voters, it is also part of the ongoing U.S. monopoly capitalist program of trying to resurrect colonialism and neo-colonialism in Latin America.

Make no mistake, new calls will be made to send more OAS electoral audit missions. The principal task of this course of action is to prepare the dismemberment of anti-imperialist regimes and the repression of all the revolutionary forces that have raised the flag of genuine sovereignty and independence.

In the interests of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class, the two parties in Washington are working hard to resurrect colonialism and neo-colonialism in the region. Under the slogans of "nation-building," "peacekeeping," and preparing countries for "self-rule," the UN Security Council, the OAS, NATO, and other international organizations led by U.S. imperialism are devoting tremendous resources to this task. As the well-known American chauvinist doctrine of so-called "universal values" that are "morally superior" claims, some peoples need Big Power "mentoring" and are not yet ready to be in charge of their own self-determination without it.

This doctrine is used to justify demands for "free market economics" and keeping the political power 100% in the hands of the capitalist and landlord classes. In short, it is used to justify establishment of Western style political and civic institutions backed by political "advisors" and, in the event of crises, police forces sent by the Big Powers. These recolonization drives only open the door to further superpower militarization and increase the war danger.

Only by directing the struggle against the chauvinism, militarism and war preparations of our "own" ruling class can the growing initiatives of the American people against the war program of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class provide any real and valuable solidarity to the anti-imperialist revolutions.


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