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Reprint from Volume 37 Issue #1 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A

Cuba and Washington's Blacklists

As if the punishment imposed on the island by successive U.S. administrations were not enough, the government of Joe Biden has just added Cuba to another of its spurious lists.

In a decision that surpasses the most perverse imagination, Washington included Cuba in the blacklist of violators of religious freedom, together with Nicaragua and the Russian Wagner group,  U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken confirmed on Friday.

The current administration bases its decision on the fact that, according to them, Cuba "has committed or tolerated particularly serious violations of religious freedom", explained the Secretary of State in a statement.

From his Twitter account, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla immediately repudiated the designation of our country in another arbitrary list. "The U.S. government needs to resort to dishonest accusations to maintain the unsustainable policy of abuse against the Cuban people", he said.

Nothing could be more foolish, but truth, sanity and reason have little to do with Washington's policy toward the island.

If a country in the world enjoys religious freedom, that country is Cuba, something that is known by all who visit us and that has been evaluated by various international organizations.

It is appropriate to clarify that the incorporation of Havana in these lists created by the White House is not symbolic; each inclusion means sanction measures against the country's economy.

Insertion on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, for example, has had a serious impact on the country's finances, which is reflected in the daily lives of Cubans.

But none of this is casual or constitutes an individual mechanism of repression; it is part of the unconventional war against the Cuban Revolution.

Including Cuba on blacklists of all kinds, in addition to the immediate effect on economic relations with the world, is aimed at destroying the reputation of the island, depriving it of international solidarity, isolating it from the world, so that no one will act against its aggressors should they decide to use force.

The character assassination of a nation is a premeditated and sustained process that seeks to destroy credibility, delegitimize the government and justify any punitive measure.

It is part of the methods used by the US special services to destroy the adversaries of the capitalist system, the enemies of the Empire.

The following article by Raúl Antonio Capote is reprinted from the digital edition of Granma. December 8, 2022.


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