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Press Statement of Vice Foreign Minister of DPRK

Kim Son Gyong, Vice-Minister for International Organizations of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, released the following press statement on April 5:

The U.S. and its followers adopted by force another illegal “human rights resolution” against the DPRK at the 55th Session of the UN Human Rights Council held on April 4.

I scathingly denounce the “human rights resolution”, fabricated by the U.S. and its followers with the ulterior intention to overthrow the sovereignty of the dignified DPRK and its socialist system, as a grave infringement upon the DPRK’s sovereignty and an act of interference in its internal affairs.

The “resolution” invented on the initiative of the forces hostile to the DPRK is nothing but a political-motivated fraud document run through with all sorts of lies and tricks to unreasonably slander our state’s policy on ensuring genuine human rights and its actual situation.

In the DPRK regarding the people-first principle as its state policy, the rights and interests of the people are given top and absolute priority and genuine human rights are fully ensured in conformity with the ideal and demand of the masses of the people.

The hostile act of the U.S. and its followers seeking to slander and overthrow the socio-political system of the DPRK, which is steadily promoting the independent rights and well-being of the people with full responsibility, is the most heinous crime against humanity that poses the worst threat to all human rights of our people.

The evermore pronounced anti-DPRK “human rights” racket by the hostile forces brings into bolder relief the uneasiness and defeat mentality and moral inferiority of the U.S., driven into a tight corner in the political and military confrontation with the DPRK, and only redoubles our people’s will to fight against the U.S. and the enemies.

Taking this opportunity, I again express strong concern about the fact that the UN human rights bodies, that should contribute to protecting and promoting the human rights around the world through ensuring respect and cooperation among states on the basis of the principle of the UN Charter, have been abused as a tool of the U.S. and the West for realizing their sinister political purposes.

The “human rights” racket of the U.S. and the Western forces in the UN arena by no means represents the sentiment of the international community aspiring to justice and equality.

Many UN member states fairly comment that the adoption of anti-DPRK “human rights resolution” is the epitome of the present deplorable situation of the UN human rights arena, which is being turned into that of politicization and confrontation day by day due to the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the U.S. and the West.

The present cruel reality, in which the violation of a state’s sovereignty is bound to be led to human rights abuses, proves once again the inseparability of protecting the human rights and defending the sovereignty.

Invariable is the stand of the DPRK to thoroughly defend the sovereignty and dignity of the state and the rights and interests of the people from all sorts of threats and conspiratorial moves of the hostile forces.

The hostile forces’ moves to infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK under the signboard of “protection of human rights” will be doomed to failure.

The following statement by North Korean Foregin Ministry is reprinted from the North Korea Foreign Ministry Web Site on April 5, 2024.


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