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U.S. Atrocities in Iraq Keep Mounting

April 10, 2024 - On April 5, U.S. Central Command put forward information on U.S. ground operations in Iraq which took place between January 1 and March 31. During that timescale it reports 66 operations resulting in a body count of 11 dead and 33 prisoners of war captured.

The U.S. military stays present and flexible in Iraq in order to prevent the rejuvenation of the recently installed Iraqi regime, to terrorize the Iraqi people, and to bring attention to the jackboot of U.S. imperialism. Without the oppressive process of resurrecting an old style colonial system imposed upon it from without through force-of-arms, the Iraq nation would once again be prospering and advancing with great strides.

The two parties launch and maintain a war in Iraq that already killed 30,000 Iraqi soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. U.S. imperialism aims not only to keep Iraq under Washington's thumb, to create a racist psychosis in American public opinion, to set up an offshore center for lucrative financial swindles, to grab the natural resources, and to secure trade privileges, but also to support its endeavor of imposing military blackmail on the whole world.

U.S. foreign policy is conducted in violation of all accepted norms and international laws pertaining to relations between states. This foreign policy is dictated by the interests of the U.S. multi-national corporations which are willing to commit any crime in order to keep key countries "safe" for their investments and exploitation.

The American people are called upon to organize themselves and rise to the challenge of the war on Iraq and the entire program of war and imperialism imposed by our own capitalist ruling class. 

We must do so by equipping ourselves with the necessary tools required to win our demand for complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq and around the world. This means going to the widest sections of people to expose the aggressive character and exploiting aims of the war. We must show how the war in Iraq is but one link in a chain of our "own" government's imperialist aggression. We must build our organizations in opposition to and struggle against both of the parties of war. We must sweep away the rot of opportunism in order to take the high road of principled struggle against imperialism.

​We want to inspire others with the great truth that the people are the motive force of history. Through struggle and revolution we can defeat the war plans of imperialism and overthrow the imperialist social relations of domination and subjugation.

Reprint from Volume 38 Issue #4 of The Worker newspaper - published by The Workers Party U.S.A


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